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Posted on 08 Jan 2014 0 comments

To start off, 2ndoffice is a family owned corporation. 2ndOffice started out with just me, my cousin, my husband and my brother. Its foundation was built with visions of how to grow and help the Philippines’ eCommerce industry. It has always been our passion to help clients grow their business, as well as to aid people working for us in growing their careers. We treat our staff as family and we believe that the values and culture that we promote is important since we are still growing. New as we are, we always strive to better ourselves, to improve our services and to build the careers of people who chose to work with us. We always try to provide different ways to balance work and fun in the office environment.We don’t just hire people based on their scholastic records but we recruit based on people’s potential. If you are fun loving and a little crazy (in a good way;not in a psycho kind of way), then join our team of talented individuals!

Auie Serrato
HR Manager

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